The Law Office of John Simone is a general practice firm unlike any other. Instead of approaching each client’s legal controversy with an eye toward accentuating the adversarial process, Attorney John Simone focuses on structured negotiation, mediation, and conflict resolution. Instead of trying to maximize his billable hours, he strives for innovative cost containment. The result is a highly evolved form of legal advocacy that saves his clients a great deal of time, money, and emotional turmoil.

Our mission is to resolve your dispute, secure your rights, or win monetary restitution for you without the burden of debilitating legal bills. We reduce our overhead costs by leveraging technology to automate billing and accounting, as well as management of virtual office space. We then pass that savings to our clients, who are able to enjoy legal representation at very reasonable cost. If you need affordable legal advice from a person you can trust, John is the clear choice.


Business Contracts

Ensure your business contracts are up-to-date,
and legally binding — including NDA’s, NCA’s,
MOU’s, sale/purchase, & employment contracts.


Legal disputes (e.g., divorce, commerce, land-lord-tenant), have the potential to be amicably mediated at a fraction of litigation costs.

Regulatory Compliance

Avoid costly fines and law suits by ensuring your non-profit or for-profit organization is fully compliant with all applicable regulations.

Disability Accommodations

It can be difficult to secure accommodations for
disabilities at work and school.  Federal law may
protect you and your accommodations!


Low-cost assistance applying for a green card or U.S. citizenship. Source of high quality referrals for other immigration matters.

Tenant & Landlord Rights

We can help you resolve disputes over rental property conditions, payments, evictions, or discrimination.

Speeding Ticket

You may avoid costly fines, auto insurance rate increases, or suspension of privileges by having your charges reduced!

Financial Injury

If you suffered financial loss through the fault of another person or company, you may have a right to monetary restitution!


John Anthony Simone

“Mercy triumphs over judgment.”

-James 2:13

Many of John’s practice areas stem from his own personal experiences.  He fought for his own disability accommodations, so he knows how it feels to be marginalized. He filed his own no-fault divorce, so he knows separation never comes without some sense of emotional loss. He battled predatory lenders, and corporations that caused family members financial injury through professional incompetence. He has worked with undocumented immigrants and members of the homeless community, so he knows how difficult it can be to secure basic constitutional rights. He has known poverty. So, with him you will find compassionate legal counsel.


John became an attorney to help people. To serve. He strives to be always honest, even when it is inconvenient. His practice is informed by his faith, and governed by strict professional ethics. He believes in accepting fewer clients so he can give your legal issues the time and attention they deserve. He charges an hourly rate that is a fraction of other attorneys’, because he is committed to representing those who need help the most.

If this sounds like the kind of person you want representing you, or mediating your legal dispute, call or email today to schedule a free consultation.

Supreme Court of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

American Bar Association, Pennsylvania Bar Association,
Northampton County Bar Association

Thomas Jefferson School of Law, Juris Doctor, with honors
Centenary University, Bachelor of Arts, with honors



“I worked with John Simone for the better part of a decade and his patience with clients never ceased to amaze me. He is a man of integrity and character with a firm grasp of reality while still managing to adhere to a better morality.”

David Brandes
Chief Information Officer, Moravian College

“John is a true gentleman with sterling professional credentials, natural leadership, and a passion for excellence. I’ve found few colleagues to match his intelligence, insight, work ethic, or his ability to capably meet and succeed at new challenges. John is a top shelf asset … it’s always a great pleasure to work with him.”

Douglas Hooper
President & CEO, Allegiant Intelligence, LLC

“When I worked with John, as volunteers, serving the homeless and needy, I found him loyal, diligent and respectful. Any path he takes in his future will certainly reflect these same attributes.”

Tina DiStifano
Board Member of San Diego Catholic Worker


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